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    Civil Engineering

    We carry out the following work for you:







        Cable Installation and Cable Laying Work
    -   Civil engineering for cable laying
    -   Utility cables for Telecom, Power Transmission, Data Telemetry
    -   Employing Cable Plough, Trencher, Horizontal/Directional Drilling
        and open track methods.
    -   Ploughing in cables

         Pipe works
    -    Civil engineering for laying gas, water, pump foul pipes and high      speed internet ducts
    -    Planning and Project Management of the work
    -    Laying work using our range of Specialist Techniques


        Highway & Road construction and Maintenance work
    -   New construction of both Public and private roads
    -   The Manufacture Kerb Stone and concrete Products using      recycled Materials
    -   Large Area surfacing in Tarmac, concrete and Block-Paving.


        Duct Installation
    -   Pumped and Gravity Drainage Systems for waste and foul water
    -   Public and private utility supply connections
    -   Repositioning of shafts, duct structures and separation systems
    -   Trench shoring works


        Pressure waste foul systems
    -   Consultation, planning and conception of turn-key ready pressure     drainage systems
    -   Selection of pump technology, documentation and provision of     permanent supervision and maintenance of the installations


        External installations
    -   Consultancy, planning and professional construction of
        external installations


        Earth moving works
    -   Excavation works
    -   Back filling, design and seepage installations
    -   Creation and securing of embankments


        Pipe ramming, Caissons and pile driving
    -   Steel pipe ramming using dynamic ramming process
        up to 1200 mm
    -   Pipe moling works using a soil displacement rocket up to 200 mm
    -   Horizontal/Directional Drilling


        Pile driven foundations
    -   Planning and installation of pile drive foundations for
        foundation extensions of pipe masts

    -   Planning and execution of relining works with HDPE pipes